That’s right, it’s all terribly modern but we now only accept card payments. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH - WE ACCEPT CARD PAYMENTS ONLY. In a challenging trading environment it is cheaper, safer, more efficient, and keeps the tax man happy. Cash handling causes a world of problems both small and large.

Most people seem pretty cool and understanding about this but allow me to answer some of the frequent questions that arise:

Don’t you have to accept cash by law?

Nope, not that I know of but if you think you have a valid legal authority to cite which says otherwise then I look forward to hearing it.

What about tipping?

You can still tip in cash but also now have the option to tip on card. All of it still goes to the staff.

Aren’t you assisting a future totalitarian state to monitor our every move and bring about an Orwellian dystopia?

Possibly. If the future history of the word pin points this as the ‘SkyNet-esque’ moment that made the death of liberal democracy inevitable then on my head be it.

Won’t you exclude those without access to payment cards?

A more sensible question this one. I believe that most people now have access to payment cards and even those without a bank account are able to use pre-paid cards. If we lose someone along the way then it is unfortunate but we have to move with the times. This is simply the way the world is going.