Perhaps we have cinema tickets and are in a hurry, how long does it take to get fed at O&R?

Our pizzas are hand stretched, topped and cooked to order.  This level of craftsmanship takes a little time, and during a typical busy service we serve the overwhelming majority of diners in around 20 minutes from the time of the order.  On occasion (such as when we have large groups ahead of you or high numbers of diners walk-in in a short time) the wait time may slip by up to 10 minutes.  Whenever this is likely to happen we will tell you when you order.

If you are in a particular hurry you can always pre-order your food by email with an exact time you want it on the table.  This means you take priority over anything else in the kitchen at that time.

I want to bring my kids, is that allowed?

We welcome well behaved small people until 7pm

How about my dog?

We love having doggos in, but if it’s a big dog or a peak time then maybe mention it when you book so we can put you somewhere with room for your mutt :-)

It's my friend's birthday, can you do anything special for them?

We're always special! But you're welcome to bring a candled cake which we can stash, light and bring out when you give us the nod.  You may also decorate the table prior to the birthday person's arrival but NO table confetti though ta.

I'm a vegan, what can I eat at O&R?

We have an extensive selection for our Vegan friends.  

I'm a gluten free, what about me?

We stock 12" gluten free pizza bases and can make any pizza on them, for which we charge £13 instead of the usual £15.  We must point out however that while we cook them on a separate tray and cut them with a clean blade we are NOT a gluten free kitchen.  In fact our kitchen is positively swimming in semolina and consequently there WILL be some gluten present.  This means we're unsuitable for very severe coeliacs.  Please tell us exactly how gluten free you are when you order.

So are you one of them trendy Neapolitain pizza joints then?

Nope.  We're kind of our own thing, more of an American style pizza than Italian, but with our own British twist so that we're unlike anything else that we've found before.  One one hand we do use an Italian oven where we cook the pizzas directly on the stone, which gives them a pleasingly Italian style hint of charring...but on the other hand we prefer larger sizes and top them generously like our American cousins.  As British fans of Italian American cuisine we like to think that we've perhaps coined the genre British Italian American! (note the lack of commas).

What happened to Leicester?

We came, we saw, we had a lot of fun but the whole thing didn’t work out so we shut it down in February 2019.

You don’t take cash?

Nope, card only. No exceptions.