Whilst you can phone to book we sometimes miss calls especially when it's busy, so the best way to book is to email us at check the inbox throughout the working day, and will endeavour to come back to you ASAP.  Please email the following details:

  • Name

  • Date of booking

  • Number of guests

  • Phone Number

  • Any access or mobility issues

  • If you are a table of 10 or more please indicate whether you’d like our £16 a head Bottomless Deal (see below for details)

You can also walk in and grab a table if they're free. In our Stoney Street digs we have a dedicated section for walk-ins so it should prove easier to grab a pizza at short notice.

ACCESS STATEMENT:  The ground floor of our restaurant is accessible via a small step from the pavement for which we have a removable ramp. Inside we have a certain number of tables which are wheelchair accessible and indeed an accessible WC.  Should you have any access requirements please let us know when you book so that we can make your visit as smooth as possible.

All bookings and enquiries to


We're all about large groups and can handle up to 60 at once.  If you book a large table then we have a couple of options to help things go smoothly.  If you order on the night then due to the limited space in our oven your food will come out in shifts and not all at once.  That may be fine for you but if you'd like to streamline service then you can do one of the following

1.  You can pre-order your food by email.  This means we can start preparing it in advance and the time between service of the first and last dish will be greatly reduced.  If you can’t get everyone nailed down in advance then thats no problem as the stragglers can order on the night…but if we can get the majority of you pre-ordered then that would be very helpful.

2. For £16 a head we will lay you on a Bottomless Pizza Buffet (I wanted to call it a Tasting Menu but was slapped down for being pretentious) where we bring you a selection of our Famous 14” pizzas, Mac & Cheeses as well as Wedges and Cheesy Garlic Bread.  As long as you keep clearing your plates, we’ll keep bringing more.  If you have any dietary requirements (vegans, gluten free or large numbers of vegetarians) or indeed preference for anything you’d like to try in the selection then let us know and we can tailor it to your requirements.  Or, you can leave it to us to bring you a range of our favourites.

It’s a great way for large parties to avoid the hassle of rounding up pre-orders and bill splitting at the end and also promotes a convivial, lively atmosphere.

PLEASE NOTE : We require a £6 a head deposit (non-refundable if you don't notify a change in time for us to re-book the space) to confirm bookings for any table of 10 or more.  This can be paid in person or over the phone. This is on account of the occasional negative vibe merchant who books a big table then doesn’t show up :-)

Please also let us have any dietary requirements, allergies, preferences etc via email prior to the day of your booking.

Finally due to the open ended nature of the Bottomless deal there are a few rules, 1. You must finish what’s on the table before ordering more food, 2. Food is meant to be eaten at the table so the issuing of doggy boxes is at our discretion, 3. There is a 2 hour time limit (which in reality is more than enough time to fill you up :-)