A fine question, to which the answer is not yet fully clear to me.

Perhaps it is because there are interesting creative dimensions and happenings at 8 Stoney St that I would like to share and talk about in a way which does not suit the medium of social media posts?

Perhaps just vanity?

I used to do more of that sort of thing on IG but friends sniffily told me off for ‘posting holiday snaps’ (a rather unfair way to describe totally legitimate research and development trips IMHO).

At the very least, it is a more orderly successor to the ‘About Us’ section of the website which I update every now and then but in a haphazard and clunky way. This will be better.

Either way, I envisage this being a place for me to tell anyone who may be interested about things that I have come across or stuff that has happened. Can’t get it anymore specific at this time I’m afraid but I’m sure that if I keep it up for a while it will, as these things do, show us what it wants to be.