In my continuing efforts to be all right on and groovy about everything, I had until now eschewed the imposition of written rules on our free pizza schemes.  However, with so many people visiting nowadays I'm clarifying the position for all concerned, sorry to be all 'rulesy' and square about it. 



In order to get a free birthday pizza you must have signed up for Birthday club mailing list before you attend for your birthday knees up.  If you're just finding out about it when you're here for it already then you'll have to wait until next year.  And we're afraid that you can't have it as a's eat in only.


For every full £10 you spend on food you get a stamp and when the card is full you get a free pizza.  All your stamps have to be on the same card, you can't join together part filled ones. And once you're full you can claim your free pizza on your next visit (so you can't claim it on the visit that completes it)