We work really hard to try and ensure that everyone has a lovely time when they visit, but with feeding over a thousand people each week the law of averages dictates that occasionally we fall short.  Should you feel that this applies to you then we would certainly want to hear from you so we can act on your feedback to improve what we do, but please note the following information.

We understand that it is the fashion of the day to take to the airwaves when you are not totally satisfied with your experience and share it with the world.  We support free speech in all its glories and horrors, as well as the democratisation of information that is represented by this trend.  However we do NOT respond to public criticism....or praise for that matter.  We feel it's most appropriate to let people have their say unfettered by us sticking in our 2 cents worth.

We do however respond to EACH and EVERY email that invites a response (oscarandrosies@gmail.com), so if you have encountered an issue that you would like us to address then please contact us in that way and we will bend over backwards to put it right.  

Much obliged

Olly & The Gang